How to report and rank drivers on their driving behavior (Driver Behavior Report)

  1. Click on the Reports tab
  2. Expand Static Reports
  3. Click on the report called Driver Behaviour in Static Reports

  1. Select the Report period as either today, this week (starting Monday), this month or this yearOR customize the report period by selecting the start date and end date
  2. Choose the Behaviour metrics you wish to report on by ticking the boxes. The options are Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Harsh Cornering andSpeeding. The metrics are weighted and added to create a FleetAgent Behaviour Score.  This s is used to rank the drivers from best (1) to worst
  3. Add the vehicle(s) or vehicle groups you wish to report on by dragging the green vehicle boxes in to the right box.  Refer to How to create a group of vehicles if you need to create custom groups

  1. Choose to VIEW online,  EXPORT TO EXCEL, EXPORT TO PDF or choose to automate it by toggling Automate this report and send it to an email address(s).  Refer to How to automatically email scheduled reports.