How to automatically email scheduled reports

  1. Click on Reports tab
  2. Click Geofence
  3. Click on the report you wish to automate
  4. Select the report options
  5. Select the vehicles the report needs to report on by dragging the vehicels from the left hand box to the right.
  6. Toggle Automate this report.  You should see the following options appear

  1. Enter the Name and Description
  2. Select the Report Frequency, either daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  3. Select the Start Date of the Report. The scheduling will continue from this date
  4. Optional: Select an End Date. The reports will stop after this date
  5. Enter your Email to address.  use ; between email addresses if you would like it to be sent to more than one email address 
  6. Choose either an Excel file of PDF file as the attachment

Refer to How to edit scheduled auto reports to learn how to edit a scheduled report

Refer to How to delete a scheduled auto reports to learn how to edit a scheduled report